This is George. He was the second horse that I have ever leased and I completely fell in love with him. I started riding during the summer of 2016 in Connecticut, when I was finally able to afford it. After years of asking for a pony on every birthday list, I took it upon myself to get myself a horse and learn how to ride. It wasn’t until the first month of my senior year in college that I actually began taking lessons for riding english style. I was quick to learn and falling hard for my leased horse, George.

It isn’t the riding that I love, it’s the horses. It’s the idea that these majestic animals can understand their “people” on a deeper level. When you get on a horse, or even as soon as you step up to one, they can sense your feelings. Are you nervous? Afraid? The horse will be afraid too, and as a large animal they can move fast and it could seem intimidating. Approaching a horse with an open and calm mind is the best way to win its heart. They will be interested in you (and of course, hope you have food in your pocket). The horses know when they are being good or bad, and understand that their large bodies can hurt people. One must know that horses mean well. They want to be loved and taken care of.

Today I am leaving for Texas and will be attending the Houston Rodeo. There are several horse shows, exhibits, meet-and-greets-, etc. I constantly pray that each and every horse that is being shown is treated well and has a loving owner. RESPECT animals, they just want to be loved.

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